Pictures of how the river looked in December.

Across from the quarry & up from the dam where the water backs up. Electric railway running across the back of the picture.                                                                                                                                                                        

Going down river, just above the first filtration unit.

The main river, up from weir, other side of the big filtration unit.

The sand-bars you can see are quicksand.

Looking down river from the first foot bridge going out of Chamonix.

This river was full in the summer, and even now can rise and fall alarmingly quickly.

The first little filtration unit is to the left of the picture.

Looking down river in the big filtration unit, weir in front.



Looking up river in the big filtration unit, main river now flowing on the other side of  the bank on the left of picture (that is an island in the summer.)

Mounds of silt (to the right of the picture,) which have been deposited by the river during the summer are now being cleared (the whole area is river at that time.) The silt in the unit is probably at least 2 meters deep.                       

Five bodies have already been found (over the years,) in these filtration units!